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Bay Leaves:Helping Your Body

I recently ran across an article on Facebook that was about Bay Leaves and all the fabulous things that Bay Leaves can do for you. Miracles do happen!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Came across this and figured I would share.

These are called "Bay leaves"

Many people add bay leaves to foods especially jollof rice (Nigerian), red meat and poultry but do you know why bay leaves are added to food?

When asked why, some reply: to add flavor to the food👐

Do you know that If you boil some bay leaves in a glass of water and taste it, it will have no flavor?

Now why do you put bay leaves in the meat?

The addition of bay leaves to meat converts triglycerides to monounsaturated fats, and for experimentation and confirmation:

Cut the chicken in half and cook each half in a pan and place on one bay leaf, and the other without bay leaf and observe the amount of fat in both pans.

If you have bay leaves, there is no need for a pharmacy. Recent scientific studies have shown that bay leaves have many benefits & helps to get rid of many serious health problems and illnesses.

The benefits of bay leaf are: -

*Bay leaf treats digestive disorders and helps eliminate lumps, Heartburn, Acidity & Constipation.

*It helps regulate bowel movement by drinking hot bay tea.

*It lowers blood sugar and bay leaf is also an antioxidant

*It allows the body to produce insulin by eating it or drinking bay tea for a month.

*IT eliminates bad cholesterol and relieves the body of triglycerides.

*It's very useful in treating colds, flu and severe cough as it is a rich source of vitamin "C", you can boil the leaves and inhale steam to get rid of phlegm and reduce the severity of cough.

*Bay leaf protects the heart from strokes as it contains cardiovascular protective compounds.

*It's rich in acids such as caffeic acid, quercetin, eigonol and bartolinide, substances that prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body.

*It eliminates insomnia and anxiety, if taken before bed, helps you relax and sleep peacefully.

Drinking a cup of boiled bay leaves twice a day breaks kidney stones and cures infections ...

Just like garlic and ginger are a must find amongst my collection of spices, Bay leaves are a must see in my collection of spices too(my little spice secrets to good aroma and flavor) 👌👍

Catherine Sharpley

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