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Real Oklahoma Honey

Honeybees have a reputation as annoying little pests, buzzing around our picnics as uninvited guests. But without honeybees, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the majority of offerings on that same picnic table.

Honeybees are nature’s most important pollinators, visiting up to 5,000 flowers a day. Almost all fruit crops require pollination to ensure the fruit sets. Without it, many trees and plants can’t produce. And while the insects are extremely important for the viability of Oklahoma’s agriculture industry, they also produce honey – another increasingly popular product.

Native Oklahoma Honey

Most every honey producer pollinates in other states to be able to supply you with honey. What does that mean for the consumer? It means you are not getting true Oklahoma Honey. Instead you are consuming honey from multiple states. Even if it states Oklahoma honey it’s not. Just think about about it, where are the orange trees, In Florida? Sams club offers pure Raw honey, but where is it made? That is why we charge a little more for our honey. We produce honey and it’s authentic Oklahoma honey. When we do start pollinating in other states, we will not mix it together and call it Oklahoma honey. If you are in need we ship or deliver. Check out asherhoneybees.com for for true Oklahoma honey.

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